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Search Tips for MORe

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Search for a PHRASE ("train regulations") if you want to return documents with  the exact phrase "train regulations" anywhere in the document, instead of documents with either "train" or "regulations," or with "training," "regulation," etc.

Search for a WILDCARD (municipal* or municipal?) if you want to return all variations of the word (municipal, municipality, or municipalities) anywhere in the document.

Search for the MTAS REFERENCE NUMBER (MTAS-123) if you want to return the exact document containing that number.  Each MTAS reference number is unique.

Search within a TOPIC (regulations + use the drop-down box to select a topic, such as Airports) to return documents categorized under the topic Airports and contain the term regulations anywhere in the document.

Want to filter your search results? An ADVANCED SEARCH is also available. To access the advanced search, click on the "Content" tab above the search bar after completing a simple search from the homepage.