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Conveyance of Real or Personal Property Among Public Agencies

Reference Number: MTAS-1712
Tennessee Code Annotated
Reviewed Date: August 27, 2014
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12-9-110. Contracts for conveyance of property
(a) Any one (1) or more public agencies may contract with any one (1) or more public agencies for the conveyance or transfer of property, real or personal, if:

(1) The public agency or agencies receiving the conveyance or transfer utilizes the property for a public purpose; and
(2) The governing body of each public agency that is a party to the contract authorizes such conveyance or transfer and determines that the terms and conditions set forth are appropriate.

(b) Any public agency utilizing the authority of this section shall not be required to declare such property surplus prior to the conveyance or transfer, and shall also be exempt from contrary requirements in any budget or purchasing act, public or private.