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Selection Committee Tasks

Reference Number: MTAS-679
Tennessee Code Annotated
Reviewed Date: March 23, 2017
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The selection committee should define the type of professional services needed. Common types of professional services required in the course of a complex project include:

1. Preliminary design and development

  • Preliminary work — includes preliminary engineering and feasibility reports to set forth alternatives, cost estimates and regulatory requirements
  • Field investigations — includes topographical surveys, soil surveys and environmental assessments
  • Preliminary design — states assumptions, shows proposed layouts and outlines design concepts

2. Final design phase — This phase happens after approval of the preliminary design by regulatory agencies and the project owner. It includes preparation of plans, specifications, permit applications, and contract documents that are required for approval of regulatory agencies and are necessary before construction can proceed. It also may include meetings with funding agencies.

3. Bidding/negotiating phase — The engineer helps the owner advertise the project, obtain and evaluate bids, and negotiate contracts for construction services.

4. Construction phase — This phase begins after approvals from the owner and regulatory agencies and after financing is in place. Activities include:

  • Assistance in drafting and/or reviewing a construction contract
  • Consultation with owner during construction
  • Review of shop drawings for compliance with design drawings and specifications
  • Full-time or periodic field inspections of work in progress and reporting findings to owner
  • Review and analysis of field testing reports
  • Mediation to resolve disputes between owner and contractor
  • Project start-up services
  • Final inspection and project completion

5. Operational phase — In this phase, the engineer provides training to city staff to operate and maintain the project.